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Nacho Fries! But for How Long?

Taco Bell 🌮🛎 has brought back their beloved Nacho Fries 🍟 and consumers could not be more thrilled about it. This is a newer innovation by the company that wants you to “think outside the bun” and  “live mas”, it initially ran between January – April of 2018. This item was wildly successful for the Bell, according to their sales statistics, during the time they were available, 25% of ALL ORDERS PLACED were for the Nacho Fries. I mean for a fast food chain, thats A SPICY MEATBALLLLLAAAHHHH.

Cash Register

So why the limited time offer? If people love them so much why not just keep them on the menu and GET RICH AF? 💰 Well I think that’s just it, if they were always around and there was no sense of urgency for the product then they would likely not be nearly as popular. I shit you not the dude in front of me in the drive thru line placed 4 orders.

If I had to guess I would bet that they barely make any money from these fries and they are mostly to get you in the door to buy other things off their menu. I mean who goes to Taco Bell and ONLY gets Nacho Fries?

Taco Bell Nacho Fries

The Fries with the Orange Glow

The presentation is decent enough, obviously the marketing photos look better than the product itself but I do like the black container with yellow bells on it. The fries have a nice orange glow to them as they are dusted with taco seasoning. Glowing taco seasoning? Alien taco seasoning???? I don’t pretend to know these trade secrets, I can only make an educated guess that yes these have been touched by an alien 👽. The cheese sauce just comes in a plastic black dish similar to what you would get at any fast food place.

Taco Bell Nacho Fries

After eating a few of the fries with its associated cheese sauce I gotta say they are pretty good. The combination works well and I immediately wanted to put more in my mouth. I mean there is no secret recipe here, these are sub par french fries, dusted with taco seasoning, dunked in nacho cheese. The cheese has a very mild spicy kick to it which really makes a huge difference to the overall experience. They are good, they don’t taste like shit or fake food. My one complaint would be that the fries are a little floppy and a few were not crispy, but I mean I am at Taco Bell my expectations are adjusted accordingly.

Inflatable Tube Man

Nacho Fries Over the Top Promo Video

The return of the Taco Bell Nacho Fries is making major moves on the internet, in part because of this hilarious and over the top commercial starring some generic white dude from super hero movies.

The people have spoken, and they are super pumped that the Nacho Fries are back. Taco Bell is no slouch, they know how to leverage social media to create a buzz about their products.

Get Decadent

On top of all of this, they have also added these two variations to the menu, if you are feeling like you need to add every ingredient taco bell has to offer plopped on top of your Nacho Fries.

Nacho Fries Bell Grande

As of now no one knows how long they will be available during this limited time run which has gotta be stressful for a lot of people. Come on Taco Bell at least prepare us for the take away and let us down easy. If I were a super fan of Taco Bell Nacho Fries I would down there right now stocking up, filling the chest freezer with these little babies. Think twice before sharing these with a friend, you gotta look out for #1.

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