Clif Bar Chocolate Chunk With Sea Salt Review

Clif Bar

I eat a lot of Clif bars. They are super convenient to shove in my mouth after I have just exerted a lot of energy and need a pick me up. Most of the time they taste ok enough, which you would hope they would given they have like 20+ grams of sugar in them.

I love chocolate and sea salt together so you can imagine my excitement when I saw these at the grocery store. These feelings were quickly extinguished however upon my first bite of this gross block of play doh.

Clif Bar Chocolate Chunk and Sea Salt

Sweet and Salty? Absolutely Not.

The front of the package is like any other Clif bar but also advertises that this product is “Sweet and Salty”. I can tell you friend, this is a bold faced lie. Lets get on with it.

Clif Bar


Upon opening the package you can see that this Clif bar takes on the appearance of a decadent desert, drizzled in chocolate. But upon my first bite there was nothing sweet, nothing salty, and nothing that tasted like chocolate. I was confused, scared even after that first bite. I took a second bite. More of the same, just a weird, bland, boring taste that I can only describe as play doh. Like it doesn’t taste like anything you should actually be eating.

It’s Trash, I wouldn’t feed it to a dog…

I cannot, in good conscious, recommend this Clif bar. I have had other Clif bars that get the job done and taste OK, but this one belongs in the trash. If there was ever a case for fake Amazon reviews being an epidemic, it is these bars. 4.4 Stars? Somebody call Jeff Bezos his website is broken.

Fake Amazon Reviews? All Signs Point to Yes.

Have you had this flavor? Let me know in the comments.

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Clif Bar Chocolate Chunk With Sea Salt
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